Unpredictable weather conditions and pressure to conserve energy has made it mandatory for commercial property developments to consider installing air-conditioning systems that will save them energy and money, as well as provide hassle free maintenance service.

One of SA’s biggest banks appointed Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning (MSA) to install the City-Multi Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air conditioning system in their lavish Cape Town premises, overlooking the ocean and mother city skyline.

The technical brief encompassed installing an air conditioning and energy sufficient system that would allow the building maximum heat recovery to reduce running costs as well as provide good quality air conditioning to Absa Wealth building occupants – its staff members and clients.

The main feature of the VRF heat recovery system is its energy saving capability - consuming less than 40% electricity than a usual constant volume air conditioner. Typically when an air conditioner is in the cooling mode, it absorbs the heat energy contained within the space it is trying to cool down, using the basic principles of refrigeration. Once this heat energy has been contained, it will reject the heat outside through an outdoor unit, making that heat redundant. The Mitsubishi VRF system however recycles that ‘redundant’ heat and uses it to heat or cool down other areas in the building, especially during winter months and or early morning and late afternoons, also heating water at 70 Degrees Celsius.

Roger Burrows from Mitsubishi Air Conditioning said: “As a leading manufacturer of energy efficient heat pump systems, we constantly strive to meet and exceed the increasing demands placed on our industry. The drive to reduce energy consumption and the impact its use has on the environment is crucial and increasingly important to us all. Sustainability has long driven Mitsubishi Electric to spend time and their resources researching and developing efficient air conditioning equipment, which meets our clients’ high quality standards. This fact, has led to successful installations at this highly prestigious building. ”

The ability for this system to heat, cool and heat water off one system simultaneously is unique to the air conditioning industry.

The list of contractors included Coastal Air Suppliers.

For more information on this project, contact MSA on 011 830 2080